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Mobile Cabinet Production Process

Take a look at our production process of mobile cabinets, https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/g8hND0X96N2nlw5yPQ3l-Q 剪沖折焊一體生產線,主要生產活動柜柜體,一道線路直接成型,節省人力物力和生產環節,提高生產效率 Cutting,?punching,?bending?and?welding?integrated?production?line?is?mainly?used?to?produce?pedestal?body.? One?line?is?directly?formed?to?save?manpower?,material?resources?and?production?links,?also?can?improve?production?efficiency 數控剪沖一體機,快速高效生產所需板材 CNC?cutting?and?punching?machine,?fast?and?efficient?production?of?required?plates 沖折一體生產線,省時省力,模具化生產,尺寸精準,產能大 Punching?and?bending?integrated?production?line,?time-saving,?labor-saving,?mold?production,? accurate?processing?size,?large?capacity?of?production 機械臂激光焊接,精準快速,高效生產 Robot?arm?laser?welding,?accurate,?fast?and?efficient?production 活動柜噴粉線,采用靜電粉末噴涂。經過水洗、除銹、陶化、烘干、噴粉、固化等多個流程,綠色環保,色彩均勻 The?powder?spraying?line?of?pedestal?adopts?electrostatic?powder?spraying.?Through?water?washing,?rust?removal,?pottery,?drying,?powder?spraying,?solidification?and?other?processes,? green?environmental?protection,?color?uniformity 活動柜安裝、質檢、包裝流水線,分工合作,節省時間,提高效率。專人質檢,保障產品質量 Pedestal?installation,?quality?inspection,?packaging?line,?division?of?labor?and?cooperation,?save?time,?improve?efficiency.? Specially?assigned?person?for?quality?inspection?to?ensure?product?quality

How to Assemble Metal Bunk Bed?

#BlueWhale Furniture #Bunk #Bed #Assembly Video. https://youtu.be/cmNQF8HS72c? ?Guide on how to build the BlueWhale bunk bed. Steel Bunk Bed #Twin Over Twin.? [Solid Construction]This Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed is made of steel with ultimate strength,which is more sturdy than ordinary iron.The top twin bunk has a weight limit of 250 pounds and the twin bottom bunk […]

Steel Furniture #manufacturer – #Wholesaler Factory – Video of Blue Whale Main product

Locker——Sturdy and stylish #design, Featured with #knocked-down structure, #customized #service: Product Video:https://youtu.be/IgJgTKZn3mw #Top 1 Drawer Cabinet——Chip and scratch resistant #powder coat #finish. #Drawers feature ball bearing slides for full drawer extension that allows complete access to documents: Product Video:https://youtu.be/S6RXZfzajus File #Cabinet——Product Details And #Advantages Ideal for schools, office, government agencies, supermarkets, hospitals, gyms and many […]

Luoyang Blue Whale #Alibaba #International Station Introduction

Welcome to Luoyang Blue Whale Office Furniture Co., Ltd. We are a factory with highly automated equipment. It has laser cutting machines, rolling lines, automatic powder spraying lines and other high-automated equipment. The philosophy of our factory is real, professional and innovative. We guarantee that the goods delivered to the customers are of high quality […]

Steel Construction Mobile Pedestals Show BlueWhale

LUOYANG BLUE WHALE OFFICE FURNITURE CO.,LTD mobile pedestals are lockable and feature steel construction,powder-coat finish and more – now available in Blue Whale from China. Mobile Pedestals Show: https://youtu.be/vzkal-kqJ7A Features: 1.Mobile pedestal with durable powder-coated steel construction with steel interior caster; 2.Drawers are fully painted inside and out; 3.All metal construction, fits under most desks; […]

Metal home furniture production line

We supply all kinds of drawers filing cabinet,storage,metal cabinet,cupboard,drawer cabinet. Both office or home using.The factory has a complete, scientific and quality management system such as laser cutting,CNC punch and so on. Accurate production line and professional R & D team ensure fast customization of samples.and has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification.The factory has […]

Blue Whale Product Series:Metal Storage Shelves

Advantages of Metal Storage Shelves: Mass storage could be done in each single shelf Heavy Loading Capacity The structure is stable, using high-strength partitions, with strong load-bearing capacity, each layer bearing 100kg, can be used at will Adjustable shelves The full disassembly and assembly structure makes installation more convenient. Adjustable shelves, the height of the […]

Logistics Status Of 20 Countries-YOU KNOW?

  Due to the epidemic, the current global logistics have been affected. Here are the logistics status and logistics and supply chain management of 20 countries for your reference. EUROPE 1.Italy Countrywide lockdown, from March 18 – Unknown At present, there is no problem in general customs clearance. The trailer has restrictions and needs a […]

The new coronavirus: What we do — and don’t — know

What is a coronavirus? What are the clinical manifestations of pneumonitis associated with a new coronavirus? When do I need to see a doctor? How to prevent new coronavirus infections? Luoyang BlueWhale Office Furniture Co., Ltd. answered questions for friends. Epidemic Coronaviruses are a group of pathogens that cause respiratory and intestinal diseases. Under the […]